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New To Sewing Skirts? A Few Tips For Choosing The Right Patterns

Skirts are among the simplest designs, with much of the fuss being over cosmetic issues. A basic skirt pattern doesn't require much work. However, you're not going to send your daughter out with only basic skirts because she'll eventually want something that's more in line with whatever is fashionable at the time. As you look at girls' skirt patterns for more options, keep a few things in mind so that what you choose will provide you with a pattern that you can keep using.

Withstanding Wind

There are a lot of cute, flouncy skirts out there, and many of them are a little too susceptible to wind patterns if too light a material is used. Always keep in mind how easy it would be for a breeze to lift the skirt because that can be really embarrassing, even if the wearer is wearing something like bike shorts underneath. Skirts that have the pattern potential to fly up really need a slightly heavier material. That doesn't mean using wool for a summer skirt, but maybe a thicker cotton instead of flyaway gauze and chiffon.

Trip Hazards

For really long skirts, look for patterns that have secure waists -- and be sure you sew the correct size. If a long skirt inches downward because the waist is too big or does not really sit securely on the body, the hem of the skirt can become a trip hazard. Also look out for those handkerchief-style patterns as the points at the ends of the skirt can also get underfoot. Long skirts are nice, but unless the wearer is going to be at a ball where she is expected to lift up her skirt by a couple of inches as she walks, you want a pattern that doesn't pose a danger.


If you're sewing a skirt for your daughter, you know your kid's going to grow. Instead of spending more time sewing more skirts every few months, find a pattern that allows you to leave extra material along the seams, which makes it easier to let out the skirt as the wearer grows. Be sure you use material that does not show holes easily; when you let out a hem or seam, you don't want to see a row of holes permanently visible on the skirt.

Sewing patterns, including those for girls' skirts, are versatile and often take all these variations into account. Spend some time in a fabric store comparing patterns and fabrics (and many stores will let you bring in your own patterns, of course) to find the best combinations.