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Deciding The Value Of A DC Action Figure

If you have a DC action figure, you may or may not have something valuable on your hands. While some people will buy action figures simply to have a reminder of a favorite character, others buy action figures as an investment. If you have an action figure, and you want to know if it has any value, you need to know at least these criteria. 


One of the main considerations with action figures is how old they are. The older the figure is, the more likely it is to have value to it. This does not mean that newer toys cannot have value, but older toys are much more likely to be valuable. 


The next big concern when it comes to the value of a figure is the condition. An action figure that has been used heavily will not appeal to most collectors. There are some people who like "patina," which can basically be described as natural discoloration that results from the aging process, but any missing or damaged parts will make an action figure less desirable. Most collectors will agree that mint-in-the-box is the best condition for an action figure to be in. 


You could have an old toy in excellent condition, but if it is not a desirable character, nobody will want to pay for it. You may want to collect old, mint-condition toys of your favorite character, but if it is not one of the most popular characters, the money you pay for your toy will likely not be something you easily get back.


An action figure that has a design flaw may make it more rare than other figures. This is true of most collectibles. If the flaw does not degrade from the appearance of the figure too much, you might have something valuable on your hands. While an inexperienced collector might throw out a flawed action figure, you should take any figure you find that has a flaw to an expert in collectors to find out if it has any value. 

These are the main criteria for determining the value of an action figure, but there may be other considerations. If you are simply buying action figures to build a DC universe in your residence, then value may not be much of a consideration. On the other hand, if you want to build a collection that holds value and may even accrue value over time, you need to make sure the figures you buy have the right characteristics. Click here to learn more about DC action figures for sale.