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Grosgrain Ribbon: An Inexpensive Way To Embellish Your Home Decor

When you look closely at grosgrain ribbon, you will notice the ribbed appearance that runs vertically across the fabric. This type of ribbon is tightly woven, sturdy, yet flexible.  Therefore, it is a perfect way to add pizzazz to your home decor.

Best Time to Purchase Grosgrain Ribbon

Although the ribbon is available year-round and relatively inexpensive, you can stock up on the colorful ribbon after each season or holiday. The stores need to make room for new styles and colors; therefore, they sell the holiday or seasonally themed ribbon at very low prices. Since the ribbon comes in a variety of widths, it is not difficult to find the ideal size to enhance your home decor.

Home Decor Suitable for Embellishment

The ribbon comes in solid colors, stripes, polka dots and a wide array of patterns that can provide a beautiful accent to your home decor. The ribbon can reflect your love of baseball, horses, or an activity such as boating. Add color to a boring picture frame by attaching the ribbon to the surface of the wood, metal or plastic frame. You can change the ribbon to match the seasons or holidays if you desire. Wrap the bottom of a wooden candlestick, or trim the top or bottom edge of a lampshade. Grosgrain ribbon can be used on the edge of a plain wooden shelf or the edges of a bookcase. It can enhance your craft projects too. For instance, if you painted wooden letters to spell out your child's name in his or her bedroom, you can enhance the wooden pieces by putting ribbon around the edges.

Using the Ribbon

Simply measure the area you want to cover with a cloth tape measure and then cut the ribbon about ¼ inch longer. This enables you to overlap the ends of the ribbon so that none of the underneath area shows through. Prevent fraying by adding a bit of fabric or all-purpose glue to the ends. Allow the ends to dry before placing it on the craft project.

Attaching the Ribbon

Permanently attach the ribbon to your home decor by using a small amount of craft or fabric glue or hook and loop fastening tape. These are available wherever craft supplies are sold. You can also attach the ribbon temporarily to your home decor by using double-sided adhesive tape if you don't want the ribbon to be a permanent addition.